Best Movie after K.G.F 2 and RRR

The craze of films is going on more this year, after the film Pushpa, many big films were released in theaters, which made many big records this year.

First RRR and then kgf 2, both these films have made Indian cinema to the top of the film industry of the whole world this year.

Even after kgf 2 and RRR, many films were released but they could not do anything special, but two recently released films have prepared to create history again.

Vikram is the best movie after KFG 2 and RRR.

Both Major and Vikram are doing extremely well, and still earning a lot. Both Major and Vikram films have got less screen than Akshay Kumar’s film Prithviraj but the collection of both the files is more than Akshay Kumar’s film.

Vikram and Prithviraj Movie collection of 4 Days.

On one hand, Akshay’s film has earned only 44 crores in four days and Vikram has crossed the 200 crore mark.

Fantastic film Vikram won the hearts of the people

Along with superstar Kamal Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi, Vikram film also stars Pushpa’s actor Fahad Faasil. The pairing of these three has raised the level of the film a lot.

Actress Shivani Narayanan is also in the film, the story of this film is very special.

Some people say that the story of South’s superhit film Kaithi and the recently released film Vikram are intertwined, some people are also advising that if you have not seen Kaithi film before, then watch Kaithi film on YouTube first, Then go to the theater to watch Vikram movie.

Tell me by commenting below, have you seen the film Kaithi and Vikram and have seen how the story of both of them is related.

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