Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh MMS Video went Viral on Whatsapp

Akshara Singh MMS Video: In the video, Akshara was seen saying further that you cannot stop someone like this. You do your work even if you have a big name

Akshara Singh MMS Video: Bhojpuri actress and Bigg Boss OTT contestant Akshara Singh is once again in the headlines these days.

In fact, recently, an MMS video of Akshara Singh became very viral on the Internet, which has been shared rapidly by telling that Akshara Singh is the same. Meanwhile, now Akshara Singh has also broken her silence on this. Akshara Singh says that she does not know who has done this act? But it doesn’t matter to them.
Akshara Singh MMS Video: Akshara called this MMS a cheap stunt

Akshara called this MMS a cheap stunt and then Akshara Singh said that ‘Whoever has done such an act, let me know that I do not care about all these things. Now say anything. I haven’t even seen this MMS video yet.

I want to ask those who made this viral, am I seen in this video? Akshara Singh further said that I am not going to break with such cheap antics, and let me tell that neither does it matter to me.
Akshara Singh MMS Video: Akshara was seen crying bitterly

Now another video of Akshara is going viral on YouTube, in which she is seen crying. In this video, Akshara is seen wiping her tears, she is saying in this video that she has kept tight. Now people who like me, they will like it. Wherever I go now and wherever I work.

Watch Video – OOPS: Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh’s alleged MMS video gets leaked
Akshara says in the viral video

In the video, Akshara was further seen saying that you cannot stop anyone like this. You do your work Even if you have a big name. So make a name for yourself by working. You guys who show the fake drama to the audience. Be real, don’t be fake now.

Please note that this video is 2 years old. But it is now going viral by telling Akshara’s reaction after the MMS scandal.

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