Carryminati Net Worth in 2022 | Income, Salary, and Lifestyle

Carryminati Net Worth | Income, Salary, and Lifestyle


Carryminati Net Worth in 2022 | Income, Salary, and Lifestyle

carryminati Net Worth is $4 Million in 2022. carryminati Net Worth is 30 Crore in Indian Rupee. carryminati is an Indian YouTuber and Comedian, Carryminati has more than 30 million fans following on social media, Carryminati makes album songs apart from comedy videos. Carryminati’s ‘Yalgaar’ song became a super hit only a few months ago, due to which Carryminati’s net worth increased significantly.

Carryminati Net Worth  – Work

carryminati makes roast videos from which he earns a good amount, apart from this, Carryminati also makes gaming videos from which he earns a lot for promotion. Carryminati is also active on Instagram, Carryminati earns good money from Instagram too.

Carryminati’s net worth has increased the most in the year 2020, this year many of her videos were very viral due to which her fan following has doubled, and this is the reason why Carryminati’s net worth has also doubled this year.

Carryminati Net Worth Growth in last 5 Years.

In the year 2017, Carryminati’s net worth was Rs 5 crore, in the year 2018 Carryminati’s net worth was Rs 10 crore and then in the year 2019, Carryminati’s net worth became Rs 15 crore. In the year 2020, the net worth of Carryminati has become Rs 25 crore and in the year 2022, the net worth of Carryminati has increased to Rs 30 crore.

Today we are going to talk about India’s famous YouTuber CarryMinati, he has seen many ups and downs and has gone on to become one of the famous YouTubers.

Carryminati Real Name and Carryminati Net Worth

CarryMinati’s real name is Ajay Nagar but it is famous as CarryMinati, CarryMinati was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana.

CarryMinati did his schooling in Haryana but later left his studies, he liked to play football and video games, then later he decided to come on YouTube and his family supported him completely.

Carryminati Net Worth – Carrier

Now let’s talk about CarryMinati’s YouTube career, Carryminati made his first YouTube channel at the age of 11, then he used to put videos of his football tricks, the name of this channel was Steel Fears but this channel did not work then he started 15 Created a YouTube channel of the year named Addicted A1, then changed the name of this channel to Carry Deol and used to roast on it, but his videos played the most when he roasted the famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, then for the last time he did his own work. Changed the name of the channel to CarryMinati.

Now let’s talk about his family, he has a father mother and a brother in his family. Let’s talk about where Carryminati lives, where he lives with his family in Faridabad, now let’s talk about his cars, Carryminati has Toys Fasarchun, which costs 30 lakh rupees.

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