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Harshad Mehta Net Worth

Harshad Mehta Net Worth in 2022. Harshad Mehta Net Worth is 3500 Crore. Harshad Mehta was born on 29 July 1954 in Gujarat, his family shifted to Mumbai only after Harshad’s birth, Harshad Mehta and Ashwin Mehta were two brothers, even after Harshad Mehta’s marriage, he was poor and many others. Used to pass with difficulty. Harshad Mehta and his family slept in the same room as they had only one room to live in.

Harshad Mehta started falling in love with Risk only after his father’s death and started focusing his attention on the stock market. Harshad Mehta used his brain to the full and right and took a great entry in the stock market.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth – Starting

Harshad Mehta used to do small things first, then after learning about a year in the stock market, Harshad Mehta opened his own account in the share market and started investing his own money, by this time Harshad’s brother Ashwin Mehta was working. , and also used to help his brother Harshad Mehta.

Harshad Mehta opened his own company Grow More and started working in it along with his brother Ashwin Mehta. Harshad Mehta was accompanied by his friend Bhushan.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth – Success

Harshad Mehta had made his place in the stock market, gradually Harshad Mehta was earning a lot of money that one day he got a big shock because the market had crashed, the reason for the market crash was Ajay Kedia, the king of the money market.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth – Money Market

Harshad Mehta then understood that there is a lot of profit in the money market, Harshad Mehta started working in the money market, gradually Harshad Mehta was earning a lot of money in the money market. And this was the time when Harshad Mehta started taking the wrong advantage of the bank.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth – Scam

The bank started trusting Harshad Mehta, so even without any guarantee, the bank would have agreed to give security to Harshad Mehta to another bank, Harshad Mehta used to put that money in his stock market instead of giving money to another bank. Which benefited them a lot.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth – The Big Bull

Harshad Mehta was earning a lot of money by taking advantage of the loophole of the bank, when the stock market started a strike and the market was closed for a few days, that was the time when Harshad Mehta invested a lot of money in the stock market.

Harshad’s money was stopped due to the closure of the stock market, due to which Harshad could not give the money back to the bank and at the same time his scam came in front of the world.  

Harshad Mehta Net Worth –  Bad Time

Harshad Mehta had shares worth more than 3000 crores in the stock market at that time. After Harshad’s death, his elder brother Ashwin returned about Rs 1700 crore to the bank. Ashwin fought and won the case in court for many years to remove Harshad’s name from the blacklist.

Harshad Mehta’s family also got their due money, today Harshad Mehta’s family is living their life very happily. Harshad Mehta’s son is also earning a name in the stock market like his father.

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