5 Most Iconic Couple of Hollywood Movies

The craze of Hollywood films is in the whole world, not from today but for many years Hollywood films are winning the hearts of the whole world due to their story and acting. Love story is presented very beautifully in Hollywood movies, you must have seen romantic scenes of couples in many films till date, today we will refresh the romantic moments of those couples.

Friends, today in this article I will tell you about the five most romantic couples of Hollywood films whose chemistry was different.

1 – Rose and Jack

The film Titanic created history as soon as it was released, the story and every scene of this film won the hearts of the audience. This film has been completely successful in bringing the story of the sinking of the ship named Titanic to the audience. The love story of Jack and Rose has been presented very beautifully in the film. If you have seen this film in its entirety, then you must have liked Jack and Rose’s love story.

2 – Hulk and Natasha

Hulk and Natasha had a very special relationship in the film Avenger, both of them never openly expressed their love but both loved each other very much. Natasha once expressed her love to Hulk i.e. Mark but Mark refused him because of his Hulk and anger. Whenever Hulk was angry, Natasha used to calm him down. If you have seen the entire series of Avengers, then you must have understood the chemistry of Hulk and Natasha.

3 – Ron and Hermione

We all love the film Harry Potter, it is not a film but an emotion which is remembered even today. Ron and Hermione’s love story in the film ‘Harry Potter’ was very unique. Where initially both used to fight like children, the audience did not understand when both became one. Well both look great together.

4 – Edward and Bella

This pair of my favorite movie twilight is very beautiful. The love story of both is very cute in appearance. In the film, both of them have done a lot for their love. There were many difficulties between their love story but both of them faced troubles, especially Bella has proved herself many times for her love. How did you like this pair, do tell in the comment below.

5 – Wanda and Vision

The character of Wanda in the film Avenger was very special, in the last also Wanda did a great job and fought against thanos. In the last scene, Wanda was overshadowed by thanos. In this film, the pair of Wanda and Vision was seen, both of them stayed together for a long time and very beautiful chemistry was seen between the two.

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