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Node js cloud Hosting. What is Node js Cloud Hosting? You must have heard about Node js cloud hosting, but today we will give you complete information about it, in this post we will tell you what is Node js cloud hosting? How does this work?

What are its advantages and disadvantages? But before that we also take a look at hosting, what is hosting? Web hosting works to give our websites a place on the internet.

Because of which we can put any website on the internet, whether it is a person’s website, a company’s or an organization’s website. Through web hosting, we can access websites all over the world through internet.

The content, images, videos, files, of our website are stored in a server, this is what we call web hosting. If you want complete information about web hosting then you can read this article What is Web Hosting? How does it work? | You can read Types of Web Hosting in Hindi, in this you will get complete information.  

What is Node js cloud Hosting?

Node js Cloud Web Hosting is a type of hosting in which the data of your site is stored on different servers. This hosting is very different from all the other hosting.

In some of the earlier hosting, all your data was stored on the same server, but now in cloud hosting, your data is created using the resources of different different servers, a virtual server is created, and all of them combined to create a cloud server. is.

In shared hosting, the website is hosted on a single server. Because our site is being hosted on a single server, so whenever there is a load on the server and because of that the server slows down or stops, it also slows down the speed of our website.

To avoid this kind of trouble, Node js cloud hosting is used. Here our site is hosted on many Node js cloud servers. Due to which our website benefits a lot.

When the website is hosted on many servers, then the load of the server gets divided a bit due to which the load does not come on the same server. If a load comes on any one server, then it does not cause any harm to our site nor does it have any effect on the speed of our site.

The biggest advantage of Node js cloud hosting has been seen that it always keeps your site active. With the server being down in shared hosting, the site also goes offline.    

Advantages Of Node js Cloud Hosting

Extensible Pricing

If we talk about the rest of the hosting, then in hosting we pay monthly rate even if you are not using all the resources of the server, you will still pay. In Node js cloud hosting, you only pay for what you use.    

High Uptime and Availability

Your site is using up the resources of virtually multiple servers, so if you go offline or face technical issues, you may just be transferred to another server. In addition, your site will not go offline due to increased unexpected traffic.    

Store Unlimited Data

The biggest benefit of Node js cloud computing is that you can store unlimited data in it. You are provided with unlimited space.    

Backup Recover

In Node js cloud computing hosting, we can back up our data anytime, whatever data we have lost.    

Safety From Server Hardware Issues

With Node js cloud hosting your site is isolated from any physical server issues including hacking, hardware failure or system overload. When a physical server is compromised or a problem is experienced, you can simply use the physical resources of another server – without any downtime.    

Faster Website Speed ​​and Performance

Most Node js cloud servers can offer you high speed blazing. Node js Cloud hosting allows you to easily increase the capacity of your site and easily load balancing between multiple server environments, which can take advantage of a single server’s resources. But can help in putting very less load.    

Disadvantages Of Node js Cloud Hosting

Required Internet Connection

Node js Cloud server requires a lot of internet connection. Internet is also needed to access applications or files hosted on the Node js cloud.  

Privacy Protection

While using this server, you will have to pay a little attention to privacy and keep your password secure. Otherwise anyone can access your file easily.  

High Speed ​​Internet Required

If the internet speed is low then we will not be able to access this server. This server requires a high speed internet connection.    

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