OOPS: Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh’s alleged MMS video gets leaked

Akshara Singh MMS Video Leaked: An MMS video is going viral on social media, which is being told of Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh. However, the actress has not reacted to this yet.

Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh News: Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is once again in the headlines. Actually, an MMS is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is allegedly being shared as Akshara Singh. Apart from this, a video of Akshara Singh crying has also been shared on YouTube. Regarding which it is being said that the actress has shared this video after the private video was leaked.

What is the truth of the video?

Akshara Singh, who is called Bhojpuri Queen, does not need any identity. She has proved her mettle on the basis of talent. People are crazy about her performance as well as her voice. On the one hand, Akshara is busy with her work. On the other hand, her fake MMS has gone viral.

There are many such videos on social media, which are spreading fake news in the name of Akshara Singh MMS video leak. According to media reports, no such video of Akshara Singh has gone viral (Akshara Singh Fake MMS Video). In such a situation, do not give air to such fake news and videos at all.

Akshara Singh was seen crying bitterly

Another video of Akshara Singh has been posted on a YouTube channel. In which it has been claimed that the actress has shared this video after the MMS leak. In this one minute video, Akshara is seen saying, “Those who like me will like it. Wherever I go. Wherever I work. You can’t stop. Do your work. If you have a big name, So do your name. You guys walk around with a fake face mask on your face. Be real, don’t be fake.

The actress further said that why does this mess happen only in our Bhojpuri industry and there are other industries. Punjabi industry. There is Bollywood and there is also an industry of South. Be it any industry, but there is not much cheapness there. Stay behind each other. Hit it block. block him.

Her song should not go ahead. That artist should not go further. What is this.” But let us tell you that this video of Akshara is two years old. Two years ago Akshara did Facebook Live, where she had said things. That is, the videos of both are fake.

Watch Video – Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh MMS Video went Viral on Whatsapp
Fans and trollers clashed on social media

There has been no reaction of the Abhai actress regarding Akshara Singh’s alleged MMS. But after this video surfaced, the war of fans and trollers of the actress has started. Where on one hand the trollers are trolling Akshara. At the same time, the fans are talking to the actress to come out and give clarification in the matter, calling these videos fake.

Fake videos of these Bhojpuri celebrities went viral earlier too

It is worth noting that even before this, claims of alleged videos of many Bhojpuri stars have been leaked. Recently, an alleged MMS of Bhojpuri hit singer Shilpi Raj was claimed to have been leaked. However, the singer, while clarifying, had called the video fake. Similarly, such claims were made about actress Kajal Raghavani and Priyanka Pandit, which were later proved to be wrong.

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