Scandal over the “little detail” seen in Jennifer Aniston’s first photo on Instagram

Jennifer Aniston posted the first picture of her on Instagram that created a stir at the time of her; yet later a detail altered the tale as well as what began as something curious ended in detraction. In the photo of her where she appears with her buddies from her Buddies series, you can see what seems a white powder? on a cellular phone.

Scandal over the "little detail" seen in Jennifer Aniston's first photo on Instagram

The little information appears right next to Matthew Perry who coincidentally has a lengthy history of drug and alcohol addiction issues; to the point that at some point he was about to leave the effective NBC series that finished in 2004

Everything started with a tweeter’s discuss the image that the Friends television account reposted with the message. “The lines of coke across the top of the iPhone in Jennifer Aniston’s initial Instagram photo is a wonderful way to make her social media debut.”

Such has been the fury over Jennifer Aniston’s arrival on Instagram that many users reported troubles when trying to follow her.

An agent of the social network clarified: “We know that some people have troubles complying with Jen’s page, the quantity of rate of interest is unbelievable!” A business agent informed the US site Page Six.

“We are proactively dealing with a service and also we really hope that the web page will certainly work again without issues soon”, described the Infobae portal.

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