Turkish actress will win your heart with innocence

Movies are being seen in more quantity in most of the countries around the world, girls of every country are moving ahead in the field of modeling and acting, today not only in India but also in a country like Turkey, girls show their skills in the field of acting. have been.


Today in this article I will tell you about the most beautiful actress of the country of Turkey, who is no less than a nymph in appearance.

The real name of this actress popularly known as Hayat in India is Hande Erçel, Hayat aka Hande has become very popular in India due to her beauty and innocence.


28-year-old Hande erçel is not married yet, although there have been reports of his affair with the co-star.


You will get to see Hande’s serial ‘Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahaan’ on YouTube with Hindi dubbing. The scenes of this serial used to be very viral on social media along with Bollywood songs. Seeing this popularity, this serial was dubbed in Hindi.

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