There are many such websites on the internet where you can earn money.

But today we will talk about 5 such secret websites where you will be able to earn money easily.

1 -

Quora is one of the top website in the world, on quora you can earn a lot of money by asking questions and answering them.

2 -

Blogger is a platform of Google where you can share information with crores of people by writing blogs, on Blogger you can earn with the help of Google Adsense.

3 - is a learning website where you are taught about online work, with the help of this website you can earn from day one.

4 - Amazon Affiliate

You can earn very well by doing affiliate marketing on Amazon, millions of people are working on this website.

5 - Google Opinion Rewards

If you want to earn some money by doing survey work, then with the help of Google Opinion Rewards you can earn easily.

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